Christian Dating

Life is full of compromises.

This must not be one of them.

It can be difficult to find single Christian men and women, but there is no perfect relationship unless Jesus is the center of it. The Lord makes us whole -- completes us -- like marriage never can. God calls all Christians to marry only other Christians (2 Corinthians 6:14)

One major downfall of internet dating is that you can never be sure who is being honest and who is pretending to be someone they’re not. However it is possible to search the hearts of those with whom you hope to establish relationships.

Faith Mosaic helps you connect with a woman or man who shares the kind of values you won't find on common dating sites. Faith Mosaic shows new members how to probe hearts by exchanging discussion on matters of faith. It is truly God's way.

"Man looketh upon the outward countenance, but God looketh upon the heart."

Relationship Evolution – Friendship, to Dating, to Family

Relationships grow and transform over time. Friendships can turn into romantic relationships, drawing men and women to weave the fabric that is family. Leaving, weaving, and cleaving is the dynamic to which Faith Mosaic seeks to minister. Faith Mosaic eschews new relationship building paradigms, taking instead the path rarely traveled – building relationships on the foundation of faith.

Are there any Christian single men/women ?

One variation of the not-so-uncommon question that gets asked with increasing frequency as websites positioned as “Christian” cannot differentiate “wannabe’s” and “never-were’s” from the community of genuine faith.

Sadly, today’s culture confuses religion — the “form of godliness that denies its power” — for true faith. Religion has indeed posited a pervasive, empty substitute for relationship.

Faith Mosaic works to identify men and women who carry within themselves the foundation and resulting character of Christlikeness. And that foundation is none other than that the Apostle associates with his progeny in faith . . . “For other foundation can no man lay, than that is laid, which is Jesus Christ.”

Faith Mosaic is no less than a meeting place for single Christians, to facilitate the formation of enduring relationships.

The Mosaic

What “things God hath prepared for them that love Him” can only be imagined. But He surely looks upon the mosaic of His elect who He so loved that He sent the Treasure of Heaven as “a ransom for many“. Jesus told Simon Peter, “Shepherd my sheep“. That is Faith Mosaic’s mission, its hope, and its vision.

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